Contouring empowerment of rural women - MGNREGA model in Kuttanadu Taluk

Sanjay George

Gender is the inevitable factor for growth and development of nation like India. Economic empowerment for women is the only way by which it can be possible to give equal status to women in a male dominated society. To be empowered, women should come forward and realize that they are not second grade citizen of the society and at the same time also equally capable with men in all aspects of livelihood. A major initiative taken by the Government of India to raise the level of socio-economic status of the rural people under the Ministry of Rural Development is the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) on the empowerment of women in Kuttanad Taluk of Alapuzha district in Kerala. It also focuses on the prospects and problems of women empowerment through MGNREGA and will try to provide some recommendations to overcome the shortcomings