GEM (Georgian Education Mine), a scholarly initiative of St. George's College Aruvithura, is an interdisciplinary, international, and peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge and advancement of its application across various fields. Each article published in GEM undergoes a rigorous peer-review process to ensure scientific reliability and validity. The mission of GEM is to foster high-quality, cutting-edge, original research spanning all disciplines, with a special emphasis on social sciences and linguistics. We are open to contributions from researchers, academicians, scientists, and teachers worldwide. The journal received an ISSN (2393-9850) in 2015.

Current Issue

Volume 2, Issue 1

A comparative study on growth of Amaranthus cultivars in light and shade environments

Powly Mathew, Sranya J, Anitta M George, Abin Sebastian

Gender differences in management of family firms-A review

Ms. Jency Francis, Dr. Antony Thomas

Biophysical insights into the aggregation mechanism of ovalbumin

Dr. Manjumol Mathew, Dr. Charuvila T. Aravindakumar, Usha K. Aravind

A study on structure graceful index

Rose Treesa Sebastian, Timmy Tomy Thalavayalil

Bimagic labelling in graph

Resmi Mohanan, Timmy TomyThalavayalil

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We welcome your contributions to the GEM Journal. Submissions can be in Microsoft Word or LaTeX format. Please ensure that the document is formatted correctly and is readable. The paper should be original work and must not be previously published. The paper should be written in English, with clear and concise language. There is no strict limit on the length of papers, but authors are encouraged to be concise. All figures and tables should be included in the document at the appropriate points, rather than at the end. References should be cited in the text and listed at the end of the paper. Use APA format for references.

Please email your paper to gem@sgcaruvithura.ac.in. Include the following information in your email: The title of the paper, The names and affiliations of all authors, Contact details for the corresponding author

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Plagiarism Policy

At GEM Journal, we are committed to publishing original and high-quality research. As part of this commitment, we have a strict stance against plagiarism. All submissions will be screened for plagiarism using plagiarism detection tools. If a paper is found to contain plagiarized content, it will be rejected immediately. It is the responsibility of the author(s) to ensure that their work is entirely original, and if others' work is used, it is properly cited. We encourage all authors to be vigilant about plagiarism to maintain the integrity of academic publishing. If you have any questions about our plagiarism policy, please feel free to contact us.

Review Process

At GEM Journal, we follow a Single-Blind Review process to ensure the integrity and quality of our publications. The editorial team conducts an initial screening to check the manuscript's relevance, originality, and adherence to the journal's guidelines. If the manuscript passes the initial screening, it proceeds to the review stage. In the Single-Blind Review process, the identities of the reviewers are kept confidential from the authors. This allows for an unbiased assessment of the manuscript. If necessary, authors revise their manuscript in response to the reviewers' feedback. The editorial team makes the final decision regarding the publication of the manuscript, considering the reviewers' recommendations and the quality of the revised manuscript.


GEM Journal is an interdisciplinary platform that welcomes scholarly contributions from diverse fields. Our aim is to foster intellectual dialogue and innovation by bringing together research from various disciplines. We believe that knowledge is interconnected, and our journal reflects this belief. We encourage authors to submit original research, review articles and short communications.