Desperate times, sustainable creed: The post-pandemic spiritual paradigm in MaddAddam trilogy by Margaret Atwood

Dr. Jilu Ani John

The cornerstone of environmental thought is the impulse to defend the existential interests of living forms, under conditions of unprecedented threat engendered mainly by the applications of science and rationality. This hostility towards science and rationality often leads to a search for a new cosmological, spiritual or religious basis for human life and inter-species relationships. Within the green movement there is considerable interest in the promise proffered by eastern religious traditions for the refurbishment of the human-in-the world relationship. Buddhism,Taoism, Hinduism and Islam are recognized as religious systems with the capacity to underwrite a new environmental enlightenment. The impact of eastern religious and neo-pagan traditions within the green movement highlights the perceived failure of mainstream Christianity to provide a relevant basis for an ecologically benign society.